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Inventory Services
Property Inventories and Inventory Reports


We at Access Inventories prepare a full detailed condition report of the property with an accurate account of decoration, all fixtures, fittings and contents. Gardens/balconies and garages are included where applicable.

We guarantee the highest level of care and attention for all properties as we understand the stress and difficulties that landlords and tenants can face when disputing proposed deductions from a tenants deposit.

Digital photography is used for each room to provide extra detail and highlight any damage, specific contents and items of interest.

#Meter readings and serial numbers will be included in the Inventory report as well as location and (where possible) testing of smoke detectors.

You will be able to download your PDF report from your online account just 48hrs from point of inspection. You may also request a hard copy sent to you in the post free of charge.

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Property Services
Our Range of Services Include:

  Inventories / Schedule of Condition
  Mid-Term Inspections
  Check In Reports
  Check Out Reports

  Check In Reports  

One of the Access Inventory Clerks will be at the property at the point of move in at an agreed time with the new tenant. Here they will explain the details of the Inventory report and discuss and record any additional comments made by the tenants.

Once the tenants are agreed on the Inventory report and any additions made, they will be asked to sign in agreement confirming the accuracy of the report.

Meter readings are taken and details of the keys handed over are recorded.


  Check Out Reports  

The Check Out Inspection report is carried out at the end of the tenancy to provide a comparison between the condition of the property from the original Inventory and Check In report to the present condition.

This report will note all variations from the original Inventory such as damage, missing items, cleaning, excessive wear and tear and (where applicable) condition of gardens.

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Every area of the property will photographed to assist in the interpretation of the Check Out report.

All meter readings and serial numbers will be recorded along with a record of all keys returned by the tenants (where tenants are present).

It is important that the tenant is present for the Check Out inspection to agree and sign any discrepancies from the original Inventory. If the tenant is not present, the Inventory Clerk’s assessment of the property will be final.

  Mid-Term Inspection Report  

When a landlord or agency requests a Mid-Term Inspection, an Access Inventory Clerk will attend the property to provide a summary of the condition and cleanliness of the property during a tenants lease.

Inspection reports usually occur once every three months and are beneficial for both the landlord and tenant as it highlights any issues that may require repair or maintenance. A Mid-Term Inspection report is also valuable as it points out signs of a breach in the tenancy agreement for example, an unauthorised occupier.

Any evidence of breach of contract and the condition of the property will be digitally photographed for the final report.

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